Drawing Programme

The first thing we introduce to students at the beginning of their study is the idea of excellence in their work. From the approach, to the execution and refined finish, students learn how to ‘construct’ an image.


The drawing programme will see students begin with block-in drawings of the plaster casts and master copies before rendering them to an exact likeness with a full range of tone. These exercises are increased in drawing difficulty as the student’s skills become more refined.

Additionally, each afternoon the students will work from the life model utilising the  techniques learned in the morning, adding to them elements of composition & design, emotive characteristics, as well as the difficulty which comes from drawing from life.

Emphasis is placed on the handling of the materials, accurate observation of the relationship between light and form, and a proficient understanding over the structure of human anatomy.

As drawing is the foundation for painting, it is important that students master these skills before progressing on to the painting programme.