MAR 30-31: The Portrait In Charcoal and Chalk

Weekend Warrior.png
Weekend Warrior.png

MAR 30-31: The Portrait In Charcoal and Chalk


March 30 – 31 (2 Days)
Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

max. 8 students

Instructor: Travis Seymour


Over this two-day intensive course, students will work with the portrait model on a sustained pose lasting 12 hours on toned paper using a combination of charcoal and white chalk to achieve the desired results of light and shade. Like using a toned ground for oil painting, using the toned paper for drawing forces students to ‘put in’ the lights along with the shadows and work towards the middle ground tone — and as a result this can produce the illusion of form very quickly.  

Students will learn how to capture the likeness of the model, as well as recreate the effects of light falling over the face and features.

What’s Included

  • 2 Days Tuition

  • Model Fees

  • All Materials will be included for this course

What’s Not Included

  • Accommodation, Transportation & Food Costs