What is the Barnes Atelier masters academy programme?

The Masters Academy Programme is what we call the full-time study course here at the Barnes Atelier. It is meant for students intent on becomming a career realist artist.

How long does the course take to complete?

The Masters Academy Programme is a full-time course (M-F) which lasts for approximately four years. This is divided roughly between two years of drawing and two years of painting. However, as the programme is centered around a philosophy of individual learning and skill building, the time spent on the course could vary from person to person.

Is there a degree offered upon completion of the course?

The Barnes Atelier offers a diploma certificate upon completion of the Masters Academy Programme. Students finishing our course are held to some of the highest standards of academic fine art training found around the world. As is the case with most ateliers, The Barnes Atelier is not an officially recognised learning institution, as the curriculum and methods of instruction and learning are quite specialised and, in fact very different from the normal art school. As such we do not offer a degree in the same capacity as a university or other accredited higher learning institution.

Is there any prior art experience required to apply for a place on the Masters Academy Programme?

No. In fact having no experience can sometimes be more advantageous than anything else - as one is able to begin afresh and build good habits from the outset. We primarily look for a willingness to learn and passionate drive to succeed in all of our applicants, as this is better assessment for potential success.

I'm primarily interested in painting. Can I skip the drawing programme and just paint?

Sadly no. The core aspect of our training programme is built upon the premise that all skills acquired rest on previous skills that have been mastered. As we believe that good realist painting rests on good drawing skills, all students start at the beginning of the drawing programme course to ensure an effective acquisition of the required skills to paint.

I have previously studied in an atelier environment. Can i be placed further ahead in the programme?

Again, no. While most ateliers adhere to similar beliefs and tenets regarding the teaching of academic style drawing and painting - they can differ quite a bit in how the information is passed on from tutor to student. We can only ensure an effective teaching programme which is based around the methods in which the principle artist(s) of the studio work, and were trained themselves. Therefore, everyone - regardless of experience, begins the Masters Academy Programme at the beginning. Those with applicable prior experience will naturally progress at a quicker pace than the beginner student.

Can I only do the drawing programme?

While we actively look for students committed to joining the full 4-year Masters Academy Programme, it is possible(space permitting) for someone to only focus on the drawing programme as a stand-alone feature - as this is by nature a prerequisite to the painting programme.

Can I enrol in the Masters Acadmey Programme as a part-time student?

The Masters Academy Programme is aimed at students wishing to become career artists. The four-year course (full-time) can quickly become unrealistic in expectations when students can only attend 2, 3 or even 4 days per week. However we realise that not everyone knows they want to become a career artist from the outset. As such, when space is available we may at times allow a student to join in a part-time arrangement, contingent on no other full-time students applying for the position - at which time the current part-time student will be given first priority to transition to full-time before allocating the space to the applying full-time student. All students however will need to be enrolled full-time in order to complete the programme - i.e. when they begin still life painting.

Are there any scholarship or other financial aid opportunities available to students?

As we are not a government recognized learning institution, government financial aid is not an option for students. There are however lots of private outlets dedicated to helping fund artists and their endeavors. We recommend doing a google search to see what's available to your individual circumstance.

Do you offer any short courses?

Yes. Please check our 'Workshops' page(here) to see what is available.

Do you accept international students?

Unfortunately The Barnes Atelier is not a government accredited institution and is not a sponsor of any visas of any kind. Most people outside of the EU and EEA are required to obtain appropriate visas before coming to study in the UK. Be sure to check your visa status before committing to study. For full information, see the Home Office website: http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/


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